The Selected Works of 18 Top Designers – Ken Cato

Ken cato is an Australian designer with international reputation.He is the chairman of Cato Purnell Partners,which was established in Melbourne in 1970 and with offices in Sydney,Brisbane,Perth,Wellington,Buenos,Aires,Barcelona,Santiago,Guadalajara,Mexico City and representative offices in London,Mumbai,New York,Singapore,Tokyo,Tapei,Dubai and Guangzhou.Cato Purnell is the largest design company in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cato’s work encompasses all facets of corporate identity,brand management and design.His philosophy of design is dynamically holistic which provides synergistic solutions.As a graphic designer,his work has earned him international reputation.He has won numerous international and Australian design awards,and his work is presented in museums and galleries throughout the world.He is a long-standing member of AGI and is past AGI President.The world’s largest student design conference was founded by Ken Cato in 1991.Now apporoaching its 17th year,AGIdeas attracts annually over 2000 young designers from the world.

In 1995,Ken was awarded the first Australian Honorary Doctorate of Design from Swinburne University and was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Inaugural Victorian Design Awards.Ken is a foundational member of the Australian Writers and Art Directors Association,a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts,ICOGRADA,Design Institute of Autralia,Australian Marketing Institute,Industrial Design Council of Australia,and patron of the Australian Academy of Design.

Ken is also an acclaimed author and has written numerous books.



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